Monday, January 30, 2012

Tell Your Story

It isn’t a hidden fact that today’s population is becoming more and more removed from the farm and ranch.  Although this is true, agriculture has a great opportunity at hand.  People are curious by nature and they become even more curious about things they don’t know much about such as agriculture.  Those who are involved with producing food and fiber for the world should take this opportunity to educate others about this great and diverse industry by telling their story.

Because agriculture has so many aspects, there are many stories and experiences that can be told.  Agriculture’s audience is the world and our most powerful weapon happens to be our stories.  People love hearing about how we still tend to cattle when it is below freezing outside, breaking their water so they can drink and provide them hay for food.  They enjoy hearing about working on a tractor that is having problems starting.  They listen when you tell them about your favorite working dog May and how loyal she is to you.  You don’t have to claim to be an expert in an area; you just need to tell your story. 

As you tell your story, your passion for agriculture will shine through and this is another added plus.  It is like listening to a professor that enjoys their job and wants to pass their passion onto their students.  They make waking up and going to class enjoyable with their stories, examples and real life applications.  They tell their story. 

Find the way you best tell your story.  You can talk to others and encourage discussion and passing along information to their friends.  Some have a way to tell their story not through words but through a camera lens.  Others write about their experiences on blogs.  One way is not better than another, just the fact that you tell your story. 

Agriculturists need to be like those professors that everyone loves and wants to have class with.  We need to inspire others to appreciate agriculture so they can tell their friends and family just how great agriculture is, and how dedicated and hard working the people employed in it are.  Everyone has a story.  Speak out and tell yours.

Blog writer: Dakota Fleming 

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