Thursday, June 21, 2012

FAST believes in AgVocacy

Future Agriculture Science Teachers, FAST, is an organization that prepares students with a planned career in teaching Agricultural Science for their future. Through many social events and leadership opportunities, members gain social skills and networking ability. FAST members can participate in Texas FFA judging contests such as Dairy, Horticulture, Ag Mechanics, and many more to gain knowledge on how the events are organized.

FAST believes AgVocacy is greatly needed and is relevant to this organization because the members are the next generation of Agriculture leaders for students in FFA. FAST members have the opportunity to influence kids to take a stand and represent Agriculture through the way that we teach, act, and represent our FFA Chapters in our future careers. We have the unique opportunity to be directly involved in kids’ lives and to inspire each and every one of them to become an AgVocate and to be involved in Agriculture. Through our participation in Farmers Fight on April 12, 2012, we believe we inspired people on campus to rethink what has been heard by false sources about Agriculture and instead think about how much Agriculture affects every one’s life. At our booth, our theme was “ARE YOU SMARTER THAN AN AG STUDENT?” which was inspired by the T.V. show “ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER?” We would ask people passing by to play in which we would ask them an Agriculture related question and participants received candy with an Ag Fact taped on the candy. Participants that got their questions right recieved the satisfaction of knowing that they are smarter than an Ag student for that day. Whether you are smarter than an Ag student or not, we all have a greater challenge ahead of us in feeding a world with an ever growing population. So “Stand Up” and become an AgVocate and do your part to protect the need that affects everyone which is Agriculture.

Blog writer: Tanner Kilpatrick

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