Thursday, February 14, 2013

Good Morning Agriculture

At Texas A&M University we have a time-honored tradition that comes in handy in front of any audience. A room full of chatty, loud aggies can be instantaneously brought to focus with one booming word. “Howdy,” shouts the speaker and in the blink of an eye the entire room shouts back in unison, “Howdy!” The task is done. Every pair of Aggie eyes and ears is focused on the one person at the front of the room, waiting for what the speaker has to share. It’s incredible that one little word can capture the attention of a large group of students.

Fellow Aggies, it’s time to give the world a “Howdy” loud and clear. It is time for the world to know what the agriculture industry and its members are really about. It is time to shout, “Good Morning Agriculture!” Let’s all wake up and tell our story. We need to spread the word that agriculturalists are the true providers and stewards of the world. People often are misinformed or don’t have the knowledge they need to understand what we do and why we do it.

As a group of AgVocates we need to focus on being more proactive than reactive. Education is the key to harmony for agriculture. The majority of people who oppose our practices so fiercely are often times those who simply don’t know. All of us should aim to educate as opposed to immediately condemning their ideas of what agriculture truly is.

The Farmers Fight organization has deemed the theme of their second annual Farmers Fight day on campus “Giving the 4-1-1 on Agriculture”. In conjunction with their theme, the members of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Student Council have decided to promote agriculture as well as the Farmers Fight movement by producing a series of informative videos leading up to the day of Farmers Fight on campus.

However, this cannot be done without you. We want to know what topics you would choose to educate the public on. What area of agriculture are you the most passionate about and what does the general public need to realize about that area? The Council wants to know what the students of Texas A&M want the world to understand. This is your chance to choose what you want put on the table to be shared with the public. To submit your ideas and thoughts for these videos please send them via email to

United as a group of passionate advocates of agriculture, we can capture the public’s attention. Together lets shout “Howdy” and let our voices be heard not only at Texas A&M but around the world.

Blog contributed by: Chloe Geye

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