Monday, February 27, 2012

Standing Together for Agriculture

We are not alone!

Jeff Klose and Brandon Williamson are agricultural science teachers in Texas and developers of 2FB Enterprises.  Together they are working to be the voice of American agriculture through a blog, "Hands of a Farmer." -

Like Farmers Fight, they are taking a stand and working towards telling the story of the American farmer, rancher and agribussiness industries.

They are receiving excellent feedback that encourages me that we are on the right path here in Aggieland.

A comment from Melita Cramblet reads, "This is great [Hands of a Farmer]!!! People need reminding what the farmers and ranchers do for EVERYONE! Without this industry we’d all be some pretty hungry and naked people, not to mention sick. Thanks!"

If you have a minute take a look around their blog, maybe it will give you an idea for a blog post of your own!

Here is a short video about modern agriculture from CropLife America.

Modern agriculture is a term that is used to describe a wide majority of production practices employed by America's farmers.

Over 90% of farmers today use the most innovative practices and growing techniques to produce enough food, fuel and fiber for the growing world, while also minimizing their environmental footprint.

The term "modern agriculture" depicts farmers and ranchers commitment to innovation, stewardship and meeting the global food challenge all at once -- there is nothing conventional about that.

Have a great week Ags!

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